Instructions for each state how to write in a vote for Jesus as President

ALABAMA - In Alabama, a write-in candidate for President in the general 
election does not have to do anything to have his/her votes counted. Voter 
just writes in the name and puts a check by the name to register. All 
write-in votes will be counted.

ALASKA - Can write in any name but the vote won't be counted unless they 
file a Letter of Intent with the Division of Elections no later than five 
days before the election.

ARIZONA - Can just write in the name of the candidate but it won't be 
tallied, let's say if you are writing in the name Mickey Mouse, but the rest 
of your ballot will be tallied.


CALIFORNIA - Cannot write-in any name. By October 23, 2012 for the 
presidential general election, any group of individuals, equal in number to 
the number of presidential electors to which this state is entitled (55), 
who desire to be write-in candidates for presidential electors pledged to a 
particular candidate for President and VP of the U.S. shal file a 
declaration of write-in candidacy with the Sec. of State. The Declaration of 
Write-in Candidacy shall contain the following information:

a. Candidate's name b. Residence address c. A declaration stating that 
the candidate is a write-in candidate for the office of presidential elector 
d. The date of the general election e. The oath of affirmation as set forth 
in Sec 3 Article XX of the Cal. Constitution f. The names of the candidates 
for President & VP of the US for which the group of presidential electors 
are pledged.

It is requested that you provide a tel. phone num. to reach the 
presidential candidate and an address to which correspondence regarding the 
write-in candidacy may be addressed to expedite communcations. The 
endorsement of write-in candidacy for Pres. primary for the primary 
electionmust be filed with the Sec. of State May 15, 2012.

COLORADO - Can write-in any name for President but it just won't count. 
Too late to file to be official write-in candidate.

CONNECTICUT - Can write in any name but it won't be counted unless you 
file with the Sec. of State. Fill out the form at the link below and file 
with the Office of the Secretary of the State, State of connecticut, PO Box 
150470, Hartford, CT 06115-0470 in order to register your write-in candidacy 
and the form must be filed no later than 4 pm on October 23, 2012.

DELAWARE - There are no requirements in the state of Delaware. Voters can 
just write in the candidate's name, and the vote will be counted.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Write-in candidates must meet the same legal 
qualifications as candidates whose names appear on the ballot. (Click on 
link for information)

FLORIDA - Cannot write-in any name. Write-in candidates may have a blank 
space provided on the general election ballot for their names to be written 
in if:
(1) The candidate files an Oath of Candidate (Form DS-DE 85) with the 
Division of Elections bet. 8 am June 19, 2012 and Noon, June 26, 2012. Form 
DS-DE 85 may be downloaded from the Div. of Elections website at:
(2) Not later than Sept. 1, 2012, the candidate submits a list containing 
the names and addresses of 29 persons to serve as electors to the Dept. of 
State. (Sec. 103.022, FL Statutes)

GEORGIA - Can write in any name but it won't count. Have to file a notice 
of intent. Copy and past link below into your browser. Scroll down to pages 
4 and 5 for all information pertaining to write-in candidates.


IDAHO - Can write-in any name but it will be tossed. No write-in vote for 
general election shall be counted unless a Declaration of Intent has been 
filed indicating that the person desires the office and is legally qualified 
to assume the duties of said office if elected. The Declaration of Intent 
shall be filed with the Secretary of State. Such Declaration of Intent shall 
be filed not later than 28 days before the day of election. The Secretary of 
State shall prescribe the form for said declaration. In those counties which 
utilize optical scan ballots, an elector shall not place on the ballot a 
sticker bearing the name of of a person or any other method except writing 
to vote for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot.

ILLINOIS - You may cast a write-in vote for a candidate whose name is not 
on the ballot. Write the name of your candidate on the blank line provided 
directly at the end of the list of candidates for that office. Complete the 
arrow or fill in the oval next to the name of your write-in candidate. A 
write-in vote will not be counted for any candidate who has failed to file 
an Intent to be a Write-in Candidate as prescribed by law.

INDIANA - Some counties have touchscreen machines, but this does not 
matter as all polling stations will have paper ballots. Ask for a paper 
ballot. Underneath every section there is a blank line with a box. Fill in 
the candidate you want and check the box.

IOWA - There are no forms or applications to fill out. Just let people 
know that you want them to write your name in on the General Election Ballot 
and how you want your name written.

KANSAS - Voters can write a name of their choice but it won't be tallied 
unless they file an affadavit. Write-in blanks are provided on the ballot 
for each office. The law requires write-in candidates for President/VP to 
file affidavits of write-in candidacy with the Secretary of State by noon on 
the 2nd Monday preceding the general election in order to have their 
write-in votes tabulated and reported as part of the official election 

KENTUCKY - A voter can write-in their own candidate on the ballot. 
Kentucky ballots have spaces for write-in candidates. But only people who 
have filed with the secretary of state's office and paid a $50 fee are 
eligible to have the write-in votes counted. Find out if the person you want 
to vote for is eligible to be a write-in candidate. The person needs to 
first file a Declaration of Intent with the Kentucky Sec. of State. Check 
the ballot carefully. If the write-in candidate appears on the ballot for 
any other office, you cannot include that person as your write-in vote. Fill 
in the circle for write-in candidate for the office the person filed a 
Declaration of Intent for. For written ballots, this circle must be filled 
in manually. For electronic ballots, you only need to select this option. 
Write or type the person's name you would like to cast a write-in vote for. 
When writing, be sure to use your neatest handwriting so that your vote is 
counted. Double check your spelling of the candidate's name as well.


MAINE - Can write in anything you want to but only declared names count. A 
person whose name does not appear on the ballot may be elected to an office 
if the person files a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy no later than 45 
days prior to the election. A write-in candidate must fulfill all 
qualifications for the office sought. A voter must mark the write-in 
indicator (oval) as instructed on the ballot. The voter must also write the 
name in the blank space provided at the end of the list of candidates for 
that office. For a General Election: the person receiving the greatest 
number of votes is elected. The filing deadline for the November 6, 2012 
General Election is Monday, September 24, 2012.

MARYLAND - Cannot type in any name. Must be a certified candidate. 
Candidates must file a Certificate of Candidacy with the appropriate State 
or local election office depending on the office sought. A Statement of 
Organization to form an authorized candidate campaign committee must 
accompany the Certificate of Candidacy (unless the candidate is already 
associated with a candidate committee or if running for federal office).
Candidates must file a financial disclosure statement in accordance with 
State or local law (if applicable for that office) prior to or at the time 
of filing the Certificate of Candidacy. A filing fee is not required for a 
write-in candidate. The candidate may file the Certificate of Candidacy by 
mail. All required documents should be mailed together. It is important to 
note, the Certificate of Candidacy and the Financial Disclosure Statement 
must be notarized for State office.The Certificate of Candidacy may be filed 
in person. If filed in person, the candidate must provide identification 
(preferably a driver's license or official State ID). Deadline: Write-in 
candidates must file no later than the Wednesday before the General 
Election. If mailed, the appropriate election office must receive the 
Certificate of Candidacy and all requisite documents by the deadline. Timely 
postmarked or faxed copies will not be accepted. Original signatures are 
required. In no case will a filing be accepted later than 5:00 P.M. on the 
Wednesday before the General Election. However, if the write-in candidate or 
the authorized candidate campaign committee makes expenditures that are 
equal to or greater than $51 in the promotion of the candidate, then the 
Certificate of Candidacy must be file no later than 7 days after the $51 
threshold is exceeded. Campaign Finance Entity - Required. Each write-in 
candidate must file a Statement of Organization to form an authorized 
candidate campaign committee except for federal Write-in candidates. The 
authorized candidate campaign committee must be formed regardless of whether 
the candidate plans to have any financial activity. The candidate committee 
is required to file campaign finance reports periodically during the 
election year. Candidates who do not plan to have campaign finance activity 
greater than $1,000 may file an Affidavit of Limited Contributions and 
Expenditures in lieu of a detailed campaign finance report. The Affidavit 
may be Efiled on this site. The Affidavit must be filed for every reporting 
period. Only when the Affidavit is marked final will the filing obligations 
end. It is the personal responsibility and liability of the Chairman and 
Treasurer of the committee to file the reports or Affidavit. The maximum 
late fee penalty is $250 per report. Prior to the campaign finance report 
filing deadline, the officers of the committee and the candidate will 
receive a pre-report notice (Blue postcard) in the mail. If you believe the 
notice was sent in error, please contact SBE immediately, otherwise late 
fees will accrue.To cast a write-in vote on the voting machine Touch the box 
to the left of the word "Write-in" in the contest you wish to cast a 
write-in vote. Using the electronic keyboard, enter the candidate's name, 
last name first. Then press RECORD WRITE-IN to cast your vote. Your vote 
will not be counted unless the record button is pushed. Any abbreviation, 
misspelling, or minor variation in the form of the name of a candidate shall 
be disregarded in determining the validity of the write-in vote as long as 
the intended candidate can be determined. Writing the last name only will 
constitute a valid vote, unless there is more than one candidate with the 
same last name. Writing in the name of the candidate for Governor or the 
name of the Lieutenant Governor is sufficient to the cast of a vote for the 
joint office. Candidates may give out cards containing a diagram and 
instructions, including how to spell the candidate's name.

MASSACHUSETTS - Can write-in any name for any other office except for 
President. The first step in running for office as a write-in is checking 
with local election officials about any particular technicalities involved, 
such as enrollment or residency requirements. Also, while not required, our 
Office strongly recommends notifying your local election officials of your 
intention to run as a write-in or sticker candidate. When notified, the 
local election officials can inform precinct officials to carefully count 
all write-ins or stickers.

MICHIGAN - To vote for a candidate whose name is not printed on the 
ballot, write or place the name of that candidate in the blank space 
provided and (completely darken the oval) or (complete the arrow). This must 
be done even if you cast a straight party vote.

MINNESOTA - Can write-in a name but it won't be counted unless the 
on or before October 30, 2012, 7 days before the General Election. The form 
requires the name of at least one candidate for presidential elector, and 
the name of the vice-presidential candidate. The total number of names of 
candidates for presidential elector on the form may not exceed the total 
number of electoral votes (10) to be cast by Minnesota in the presidential 
election. Request the form from the Elections Division at: 651-215-1440 OR 

Submit the form to:
Minnesota Secretary of State, Elections Division, 180 State Office 
Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155


MISSOURI - Cannot write in any name. Must file a declaration of intent to 
be a write-in candidate for election to office with the proper election 
authority prior to 5:00 p.m. on the second Friday immediately preceding the 
election day.

MONTANA - Can write in any name you want but it won't be tallied.

NEBRASKA - Can write in any name you want but it won't be counted unless 
you submit an affidavit.


NEW HAMPSHIRE - There are no procedures for a write-in candidate for 
President. Just write in the name. They all get counted.

NEW JERSEY - There is no form or procedure needed to qualify to be a 
write-in candidate for President. Any voter can write-in a candidate's name. 
Write-in votes will only be tabulated if there are enough of them to contest 
the election.


NEW YORK - Cannot write in any name. The candidate will need to submit a 
"certificate of candidacy" with the State Board of Elecitons no later than 
the third Tuesday prior to the general election which may be drawn up by, 
and must be signed by the candidate. The "certificate" must contain the 
. Name and address of presidential candidate
. Name and address of vice-presidential candidate
. Name and address of at least one elector
The certificate should be accompanied by, and make reference to the 
. a signed "certificate of acceptance" from vice-presidential candidate - 
needs to be NOTARIZED
. a signed "certificate of acceptance" from at least one elector - needs 
Here are samples of the certificates of acceptance that may be used:
Sample "Certificate of Acceptance Vice-President" SEE SEPARATE EMAIL.
Sample "Certificate of Acceptance Presidential Elector" SEE SEPARATE 

NORTH DAKOTA - Can write-in any name but won't be counted unless the 
candidate files a sworn Certificate of Write-In Candidacy with the Sec. of 
State by 4 pm on the 21st day before the General Election.

NORTH CAROLINA - In North Carolina, can write in any name but it won't 
count otherwise must be certified as a candidate.

OHIO - Can write-in a name but it won't be counted. Must file a 
Declaration of Intent to be a write-in candidate. Will have votes counted. A 
Declaration of Intent to be a write-in candidate in the General Election 
must be filed not later than 4 pm on Aug. 27, 2012. A write-in candidate 
must pay the same filing fees as any other candidate for the office. (R.C. 
3513.10 (A) and (B))


OREGON - There are no requirements for write-in candidates for President 
in order to have votes counted. The candidate needs to fill out and turn in 
the "Write-In Candidate Acceptance" form.

PENNSYLVANIA - A write-in candidate is a candidate who isn't on the ballot 
at the time of the election. While most people vote for candidates belonging 
to a major party, such as Republican or Democrat, some people are unhappy 
with all of the choices. Fortunately, there's the option of writing in the 
name of whomever you wish. While each county may have a different type of 
voting machine, there's a basic outline for the process of writing in a 
candidate when voting in Pennsylvania.

Insert your ballot or cartridge into the machine, if necessary. All 
voting machines are touchscreen, but there are different machines for 
different counties. Machines in some counties may require you to insert a 
paper ballot or cartridge, but others may simply employ a touchscreen that 
requires you to insert nothing. After inserting your ballot or cartridge, 
you will finish filling out your ballot on the machine's touchscreen.

Touch the box, oval or "X" shape next to the option that says "write-in 
candidate" on the voting machine's touchscreen. Some machines will have a 
touchscreen keyboard that appears on the screen, while some machines may 
have an electronic pen. The Danaher Electronic 1242 machine used in 
Philadelphia County, for instance, has a red button that blinks once you 
touch "write-in candidate." Touch the red button to open a physical 
(non-touchscreen) black shutter located on the front of the machine.

Type in the name of your write-in candidate if your machine has a 
touchscreen keyboard. Touch "Next" on the screen to continue filling out 
your ballot. If, however, your machine has the black shutter, like the 
Danaher Electronic 1242, use the electronic pen to write the name of your 
candidate in the space that appears beneath the black shutter. Close the 
shutter when you're finished to submit your vote. The blinking red light 
will automatically turn off.

Press the red or green "Vote" button located on the front of the machine 
when you have finished voting. You will then see a confirmation screen 
notifying you that your vote has been submitted.

RHODE ISLAND - Can write-in any name. There is no declaration requirement 
to run as a "Write-In" candidate for any office, including President. 
However, it is advised that a "Write-In" candidate notify their local Board 
of Canvassers of their intention to run a "Write-in" campaign. This will 
allow for local and state election officials to issue additional supplies to 
the polling place for the handling of "Write-In" ballots. Also, stickers are 
not allowed to be placed on an official ballot, and could cause damage to 
the ballot tabulator. Finally, "Write-In" candidates for state or municipal 
offices are subject to the RI campaign finance laws and must file reports. 
See our Campaign Finance section for additional information about filing 
requirements for all candidates.

SOUTH CAROLINA - Cannot write in any name. The only place where someone 
could conceivably write-in a vote is on an absentee ballot. However, those 
ballots would not be counted by the state.


TENNESSEE- Can just write-in a name on the ballot.

TEXAS - Can write in any name but it will not be counted. To be entitled 
to a place on the list of write-in candidates, a candidate must make a 
Declaration of Write-in Candidacy. In order to become a write-in candidate 
in the general election, file a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy with the 
Secretary of State or your county judge, as appropriate no earlier than July 
21, 2012, and no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 20, 2012. Tex. Elec. Code 
Ann. 146.025 (NEW LAW, SB 100, 2011 Legislative Session). Your 
declaration must be accompanied by either a filing fee or a nominating 
petition signed by a certain number of qualified voters. Copy and paste link 
below into your browser:

UTAH - Cannot write in any name. Must be a valid write-in candidate and 
must file a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy no later than 30 days before 
the regular general election.

VERMONT- In Vermont, people can just write in the candidate's name and 
the vote will be counted. Any necessary paperwork is only done in the event 
that the candidate gets enough votes in Vermont to win the state.

VIRGINIA - If you want to vote for a candidate who is not listed on your 
ballot, you can write in the name of the candidate of your choice. Write-in 
votes are permitted in every election except for primaries. You should not 
write in the name of a candidate who already appears on the ballot or it 
will not be counted. Write-in instructions are provided on each voting 
system. For paper ballots, blank space is provided below each office for 
Write-in votes. Just write the name in the blank space. For optical scan, 
you must mark the "Write-in" choice and also write in the name.

WEST VIRGINIA - Cannot write in any name. Must be an official write-in 
candidate to vote for a write-in candidate. Only votes for official write-in 
candidates will be counted. Must submit a Write-In Candidate's Certificate 
of Announcement to the proper filing officer. The Cert. of Announcement must 
be received by the proper filing deadline. The Cert of Announ. must be 
received by the same filing officer where other candidates for that office 
would file. Not required to pay a filing fee. Write-in candidate names are 
not printed on the ballot. The names of all official write-in candidates are 
posted at all appropriate precincts during early voting and on Election Day.

WASHINGTON - There will be a spot to write-in any name but the votes won't 
be counted unless they File a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy Form (see 
link below) with the Sec. of State. Those who wish to cast a write-in vote 
for a candidate who filed a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy need only 
write the name of the candidate in the appropriate location on the ballot in 
order for that vote to be counted. The Dec. of Write-in Cand. must be filed 
no later than the day before the election. Write-in votes are not tallied 
unless there are enough votes to change the outcome of the election. (Click 
on link for a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy Form:

WISCONSIN - Can write in any name. The names of candidates for President & 
VP may be written in, in the place provided, on the general ballot at the 
general election. Write-in votes shall be listed as scattering unless the 
person whose name is written in has a list of presidential electors on file 
with the board in accordance with this section or unless the person whose 
name is written in has recevied more than 10% of the total vote cast in the 
ward, or in the municipality if not divided into wards. Any candidates for 
the Pres. and VP as write-in candidates shall file a list of presidential 
electors and a Declaration of Candidacy with the board no later than 4:30 pm 
on the 2nd Tuesday preceding the day of the General Election to choose the 
Pres. and Vp of the U.S. The list shall contain one presidential elctor from 
each congressional district and 2 electors from the state at large and the 
names of the candidates or Pres. and VP for whom they intend to vote, if 
elected. Write-in votes for Pres. and VP shall be counted.

WYOMING- Voters may write-in a candidate's name in the general election. 
There is nothing that a candidate needs to do before the election to be 
qualified to receive write-in votes. The statutes refer to an application 
for candidacy to have votes counted for you if you are a write-in candidate. 
There is no filing fee for president. They don't have an application as 
there has never been enough write-in votes for a president to fill out an 
application. If that would happen, we would prepare one immediately for use 
by the candidate.